Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I have just returned home from the annual LCEEQ conference in Laval. I was excited to have a chance to meet Alec Couros and Will Richardson in person. I have followed them on Twitter for years and it was nice to have a real-time conversation with each of them.

This year's theme revolved around social media. It really is mind-blowing that our students can literally Google anything they want to learn, from playing a musical instrument to solving a video game, and find a tutorial. I think a lot of teachers left the conference with a renewed commitment to teaching differently for the kids we have in front of us today.

Because of the theme, I decided to take a plunge. Normally, I would try to Tweet out a few interesting points, but would take the bulk of my notes in Evernote or Google Drive. The fact is, though, that I rarely, if  ever, return to those notes to read them.

So in the spirit of social media, I Tweeted. That's it. No doodles, not jot notes, no detailed notes, just Tweets. I can look back and see the pieces I found most worthy of sharing and I participated more fully because I wasn't trying to get all the notes down.

Tweeting made me a better listener and participant. Wonder if that has classroom applications?


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