Monday, June 13, 2011

A New Beginning

After many failed attempts to keep up my old blog, I have decided to leave it behind and move forward.  This is a new blog with a fresh outlook and fresh intentions.  With the summer months before me, I hope to develop a habit that I will be able to carry forth into the new school year.

I am excited about this new space and the things that I will learn as I reflect.  The loose theme of this blog will be reflecting on my teaching in grade 4.  I suspect that my posts will often be related to my use of technology in teaching and learning.  Other times, I might write about a new approach in my classroom, a great picture book that I have found, what I am reading professionally, or simply, thoughts that I am having about how best to meet the needs of my students.

My previous blog, Conversations for Learning, was really a conversation with myself.  While it was a public space, it never had many visitors.  I will be leaving it up as I value it as a journaling experience.  It is my hope that as I "Blog Fourth," I will also be taking the time to generate some traffic here for a fuller blogging experience.

I'm on my way forward.


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