Sunday, June 19, 2011

Technology Infusion Proposal

My "Technology Infusion" Proposal

So, here is what I have proposed:

Per class of 24 students (pro-rated)
??Laptops (whatever leftover older machines we are allocated)
6 Netbooks
6 iPads
6 iPod Touch's
4 digital audio recorders
4 digital cameras.

Google Apps for Education so students can work on any machine interchangeably.

The reason I have set it up this way is that several machines cross-over and share jobs. I can send out the cameras, iPods, and even iPads to collect photos. Recorders, iPods and iPads can collect audio. Netbooks and iPads (and iPods in a pinch) can type and do web stuff. The iOS devices an run apps. I am convinced that, used properly, the iPad can be used to create great stuff, not just be a passive, viewing machine as some people suggest.

I think that, if the pilot project gets approved, I will be able to do some fantastic, creative projects with these tools. What's more, I hope that I can support other teachers in doing the same.

Fingers crossed!


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