Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Technology Infusion Accepted!

I just got the news today that our proposal to pilot a varied approach to technology in the classroom has been approved. I am very happy, but also a little nervous.

It seems that the principal did not discuss the plan with my cycle team (the other grades three and four teachers). They were hoping for 1:1. I think they will come around, but I have a feeling that I will be jumping into a big support role as I return to school in October after my maternity leave.

I am also nevous because I have been teaching with 1:1 for so many years, it will be a big change. I think it will be a good thing though. I often had diffrent students using laptops for different tasks at one time. I think the new tools will be especially great for Daily 5!

Well, I proposed it, now I get to implement. I want to try to blog to document my process for the coming year.


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