Tuesday, August 9, 2011

App Anxiety

As the school year approaches, I am beginning to realize how many details I may have left out of my technology infusion proposal. The document was 6 pages long but was full of pedagogical arguments to convince people that it was a good idea. It didn't necessarily detail the how-to aspects.

Today I am wondering about what apps will be loaded on the iPads and iPod Touches. Who will choose which ones, and on what basis? Will anyone contact me about what I want? I saw a tweet fly by on Twitter yesterday about someone who had iPads with a static image - no apps could be added onsite. They would not be updated until the end of the school year. The impact of this did not hit me until today. Surely we will be able to sync in order to get content off the iOS devices. Shouldn't we also be able to add apps? At least free ones?

I am sure that it will all work out. I think the anticipation of trying something new is just finding stuff to worry about.

I do hope we can add apps, though...


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