Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Google App for Ed. Concerns

In the beginning, I was just happy when our pilot project was accepted. I didn't worry about the hurdles and all the hoops we would have to jump through. As the school year approaches, some of the things I had pushed aside are beginning to haunt me.

The head tech guy was very down on Google Apps. He cites legal concerns and says they are not reliable. I wonder if he has taken the time to really use them, I have always found them very reliable. Apparently the legal issues relate to student data on U.S. servers. Since I don't plan to have any data related to grading or personal info of the kids in Google Apps, I am not worrying. I hardly think the 10 year-old's zombie story is going to be a big concern.

The question I am wondering about is whether the technician will have set up Google Apps for Education for us or not. If not, I guess I'll have to figure out how. If I end up doing it myself, will he give me access to the school board domain? In the worst of cases, will he block the use to Google Apps at the last minute?

I guess only time will tell. Either way, I am determine to use Google Apps this coming year!


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