Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Proposed Peripherals

I spoke to my principal today about the expected roll-out of the Technology Infusion tools. They should be here next week, but we will probably wait until I return to work after Thanksgiving (Yikes! Just over three weeks of my maternity leave left!) so that I can take the lead.

Then I asked the right or the wrong question, depending on your perspective. I asked about the peripherals. If you remember my proposal, it included 4 digital cameras and 4 digital audio recorders per class of 24 students. The policy here is that the school board supplies the laptops, Netbooks, iPads, what-have-you, but the school is responsible for all peripherals. When he got behind e pilot project in June, my principal way very supportive and promised to supply these. Now that September is here, reality has set in.

So I must now search flyers for good deals that we will not be able to purchase. I must use the best numbers I can find to write up a request for the money to be allocated. My principal will bring the request to the governing board for approval in early October. Once approved, I will be allowed to search the flyers again until I find a good deal and make the purchase.

Arg! These tools were on sale in August as we went back to school!

Oh well, I guess I should just think of it as shopping on someone else's dime!


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