Monday, July 8, 2013

Coordinated Decore Queries

I have been enjoying the extra time that I have available for browsing Pinterest. I find it quite relaxing to skim through and look for interesting ideas that I like. I pin lots of stuff in case I ever want to refer to it again, but really, it is the searching and the considering that I enjoy.

You see, I am not a particularly crafty person. My idea of a relaxing summer is not creating a new colour-coordinated theme for my classroom and applying it to everything I own. A project like this would leave me frustrated and saying foul words under my breath. Let's face it, the clutter in my room is going to bury all those pretty do-dads before the end of September anyways. 

I have been thinking, though, about how many teachers seem to (if you go by Pinterest), re-decorate along thematic lines each year. I am not just talking about a new welcome theme on the classroom door. These teachers go all-out! They do their hall passes, bulletin boards, curtains, seating, classroom rules, and more.

I wonder why these teachers do this. I don't think that a cute, coordinated classroom is inherently more welcoming than one with an eclectic array of items. Perhaps these are simply teachers who prefer to work in such an environment and who are doing it, at least in large part, for their own enjoyment. Maybe there is a section of some teacher evaluation rubric that includes whether the character on the worksheet matched the classroom theme for the year. I don't know.

As for myself, I think I will keep looking for and pinning ideas for math games and hands-on grammar activities. If I get really ambitious, I might even make one or two of them :)


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