Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Best Reason to Write

Okay, so my plan of blogging 365 was a monumental fail. I have barely even thought about my poor lonesome blog since the early days of January. At first, there was guilt that I had not blogged, then I put the whole thing from my mind.

So, I am NOT going to make another blogging commitment. I do, however, want to use this space. I have a plan that I think just might work. My son is entering grade 3 in the Fall. While he is an excellent reader, he does not like writing very much. Part of our summer plan is to spend 20 minutes writing each day. We have both chosen to do our writing on our blogs.

I am hoping that a little practice gaining fluency when he has complete control of the style and content will help him to enjoy writing more. I do enjoy writing, and I believe that it is important, but I seldom show it by making the time to writing. Just as parents should model reading at home, so should we model writing if we want our children to value it.

This time, my commitment is to helping my son become a writer for life. I think that I can make time to blog a little each day with that kind of motivation.


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